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Access Ontario Legal Services provides affordable and results orientated legal services. Let’s get started today with a no cost initial consultation to review your legal matter.
Mr. Scott McAllister
Access Ontario Legal Services
P.O. Box 40085 Derry Heights PO
Milton, ON, L9T 7W4 Canada
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My name is Scott McAllister and I am the owner of Access Ontario Legal Services. I have been an active member of the Milton Business Networking Professionals since its inception. I am a mature and seasoned business professional that has been a licensed paralegal, and a member in good standing, with the Law Society of Upper Canada since April 2013. You will come to realize that I am a detail-oriented and deadline-driven individual with excellent client relations and negotiating skills.

I specialize in DEBT RECOVERY – personal and/or commercial debts that have become impossible to collect. Typically, these outstanding debts are in the dollar range of $2,500 to $25,000. I am also a Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits.

Why A Paralegal?

Paralegals are regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada, the same as lawyers. We are required to follow the same professional code of conduct, operate in an ethical manner, and carry insurance. The difference between a paralegal and a lawyer is their education, scope of practice and the cost in providing legal services. Access Ontario Legal Services is different than traditional law firms because we can assist our clients with the collection of their debts, receivables and other legal matters at competitive rates and alternative fee structures.

Other areas that I can assist you include:

Civil Matters – Small Claims: defamation, auto disputes, breach of contract, negligence, wrongful billing and other wrongs.

Landlord & Tenant: dispute (either side) evictions, rent abatement, tenant rights, landlord rights, harassing or interfering tenants/landlords and other.

Traffic Tickets: speeding, driving while suspended, drive no insurance, parking infractions, stop signs, red lights, careless driving, stunt driving seat-belt infractions and other.

Municipal By-Law Infractions: zoning, property standards, fencing, including swimming pool enclosures, business licensing, noise disturbances and other.

Human Rights: hearings, tribunals, settlement.

Discrimination: profiling: race, age, gender and other.

Summary Criminal Defense: domestic/simple assault, harassment, mischief, theft under $5,000, possession and other.

Settlement Agreements and Contracts: domestic and business.

Demand Letters: cease and desist orders, demand for payment and other.

Contracts: drafting and preparation.

Court Filings / Court Appearances: don’t be stressed or take time off work to deal with your legal matters.

I am available to represent you through to the resolve of your legal matters, and also those of your family, friends and business associates, professionally and diligently without charging outrageous legal fees.

Scott McAllister, LSUC #P08732 Access Ontario Legal Services