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Closed Categories

As a member of Milton Business Networking Professionals, you become the sole member of a particular business category. 

This means that as our group continues to grow so will your business opportunities from the referrals within the group.

To find out what categories are taken, view our member's directory and to see what categories are still available, view our open categories page or contact us if you don't see your category. We're open to suggestions.


As a member of Milton Business Networking Professionals, you'll also get exposure through the group through our website where visitors can view our member's directory, your blogs or promotions. You'll also be able to promote your business through our Facebook page, feel free to give us a like on there to receive our posts or promotions by the way. 

Your profile will allow you to let others know who you are and what your business is all about. You will also have your own blogging section and a spot where you can place promotions or advertisements. If you have a website they'll also be able to make their way there through your profile along with finding your contact information.


They say practice makes perfect and by attending our meetings regularly you'll get plenty of practice. Each time you give your sales pitch, each time you volunteer to present and as you connect with our members our guests your confidence will grow, if you're not already that is.

But if you do have wrinkles to iron out this will definitely help, not to mention others could give you valuable tips or ideas.

Feel free to join us as a guest to get a taste of what we are all about, there will be no pressure to join. If you like what you see and your category is open you're more than welcome to though. It also doesn't hurt to make some new contacts…

Our Story

Our Story

We are a relatively new group that meets on a regular basis. A number of our members were members of other closed networking groups that ended up costing and consuming more time than they bargained for. By keeping our fee's low one of these problems are solved.

We also don't force you to attend or have someone attend networking meetings for you, although we are a bit more relaxed with attendance we do expect you to make it out to a decent amount of meetings. This will not only benefit you by getting to know others in the group and them you but will give you plenty of practice on your sales pitches.

We meet 3 times a month, on Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm. Our doors open at 5:30 to give a half hour of open networking time, of course you're more than welcome to stay longer as well to continue building connections as well. During the one hour, our schedule allows each of our members to introduce themselves and their company, we also give the same opportunity to our guests as well. From there we have two volunteer presentations one short and another a bit longer, these are from within the group so there is an opportunity for you to shine and demonstrate some of the benefits of your business along with your skills.

Milton Business Networking Professionals